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1. Why do I need website?

If you have any type of business firms or if you want to promote what you are doing then you should have a website. Beside that, if you personally want to develop some type of portfolio then you are welcome to the digital world.

2. How much does a website cost?

There are quite a few factors that are going to affect the ultimate cost of your website. These factors include how many pages you are going to have, if you will sell products on your website, the graphic work involved and how interactive your future website will be. You will also need web hosting and domain name registration.

3. How long does it take to have a website designed?

The time frame is determined by the size of your website, the complexity of your site design, and our current client design schedule.

4. What is a domain name?

A domain name is a specific website address that you choose and register with Network Solutions (the official registrar of domain names ending in .com, .edu, and .gov). Our domain name is "iomelody.com".

5. I am currently hosted with AnotherFirm.com and would like to switch over to ioMelody. How do I do this?

Just fill out a contact form with subject “Migration” and we will take care of everything. We will transfer your domain name along with all of your existing websites content.

6. Can I choose you to design my site and use my own web hosting?

Yes, you can use any web host you like. Once your website has been completed you will have to provide us with your web hosting ftp (File Transfer Protocol) login username and password so that we can upload your website for you.

7. What is web hosting cost?

Web hosting cost is a yearly fee that you pay to have your site accessible on the Internet. We can provide web hosting for our clients.

8. What is site maintenance?

Site maintenance is a fee paid monthly/yearly to keep your site updated with new content that you provide. Most good websites have new content updated regularly. Fresh content is what will keep your visitors coming back. This is an optional service that we provide for our customers. If you want to maintain your website yourself you can do so.

9. Do you offer any type of discounts?

Yes, we offer discounts for schools and non-profit organizations.

10. Why can't I find my website in the search engines?

Once your site has been submitted to the Search Engines they may require several weeks, or even months to actually spider and list your website in their directory. How fast your site is listed depends on each individual Search Engines database update schedule. Watch your server traffic logs for visiting spiders. We suggest you use Guaranteed Search Engine Submit. Your site can be listed on Google, AOL, MSN, Overture in a couple of days.

In addition to ensuring your site's visibility on search engines, consider developing an application section on your website dedicated to health and wellness, specifically focusing on the responsible use of antibiotics (read more about Amoxil antibiotic here). This feature can offer valuable information about antibiotic usage, potential side effects, and best practices, which is especially useful for sites in the healthcare sector. By integrating this application, your website not only becomes a resource for search engine visibility but also a platform for educating visitors about important health matters, reflecting a commitment to public health awareness.

11. Website Content - What Do I Put On My Site?

That would depend on the goals of your website. If you run a business website you would include as much information about your products or services that your customers would need to purchase from you.

12. I've made my decision - I want you to design my website. Now what do I do?

If you have decided you want a website or have any questions, simply go to contact button on our website and call us if you are nearby else fill up the form to start the process.

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